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So I’m in several groups with other organizers and I thought it was just me until I asked. Do you have people who call you to get information and sound super excited to get your help but then never set the appointment? Do they schedule a session then call you back and cancel? Well I asked this in the social media groups I’m in and to my surprise others had this happen too! One of my organizer friends told me something I had never imagined. She said, she finally asked when one of her clients who always booked a session then canceled. Well her answer surprised me, “I am too embarrassed to have someone over”! At first I felt sad for her but I’m like wait a minute, we are here to help with the problem. If she could just get through the fear of having the organizer over then she could have anyone over because it would at the least be decluttered and organized after a few sessions! How does she not see this? We are not here to judge anyone! We love to help others and we happen to be good at organizing so it’s a win/win for everyone! As I thought more about this answer I realized it comes back to a word I have been studying and working on myself…

SHAME… Shame is such a powerful word. Do you remember as a child someone saying “shame on you” or “shame, shame, shame”? Shame is something someone can label you or put on you but most of the time it is self-inflicted. We feel shame because of something we did or maybe something we didn’t do. Maybe it’s a mistake you made in your past.

How do you turn those feelings around? How do you rid yourself of the shame you feel?

I don’t think there is one person in this world who hasn’t felt shameful about something. I know for a fact that some people are shame-ridden. It’s different than guilt, I believe shame is much more destructive! It leads you to believe that you are not worthy, not worthy of respect, not worthy of love, not worthy of companionship or friends. I’m am sure that I have NOT learned how to completely get rid of those feelings.

One thing I do know is that if I can remind myself, that every one of us has something we are good at, every one of us has something to give to this world, every one of us has the opportunity to change for the better, every one of us has something to be grateful for every day. When I look back on experiences in my life it is easy to be grateful for the good times but when I think about the bad times and experiences I realize I have to be grateful for those times as well. Those are the times that I grew the most, those are the experiences that made me more grateful for the good times! Don’t let your shame crush your spirit!

This is why we were all made different! So we can help each other! If we were all good at the same thing this world wouldn’t work. We all have different weakness’ and different strengths so let’s use those in a positive way to help each other! Give yourself grace and call someone who is good at what you are not! You may find that y'all learn a lot from each other!