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Out of time

Do you feel like there is never enough time? Whether it be at work, at home, with your kids or grand-kids I often feel like there is never enough time. There’s a saying that you can’t buy time and its true to some extent, you can’t physically purchase time but you can gain time! There are several ways to gain more time to do the things you love or enjoy doing. Ways to make time to do other projects you never get to. Let’s talk about some of the ways you can gain time!

The first thing is what are you spending your time doing? Is it house chores, is it running your children around to activities or does it feel like you’re running non-stop all the time but just not productive? I always tell myself “I’m not going to start this until such in such is finished” If I’m honest whatever it is may never be finished for good. It may be finished until it comes up again or needs to be cleaned again next week.

My home has quite a large yard for a subdivision, almost half an acre. I love our yard but spending at least 2 nights mowing, blowing and edging was too much. Thursdays were always yard night so on Friday and over the weekend we could enjoy it. Now we have someone do our yard. So, one way to tackle some of the things on your plate is by hiring the tasks out! Can someone clean your house for you, can someone do your laundry, can you drop it at a launder mat to be done, can you hire someone to run your kids to their activities a couple days a week? Of course, this could cost you some money as well.

Another task we can look at, which for me felt never ending, is house chores. It always seemed like they would never get finished and while they really are never finished, I created a schedule. I do laundry 2 days a week now. On Mondays and then again on Thursday and/or Fridays. I know some people like to do a load a day and that’s fine I would just rather not. So, get your machines working for you so you can do other things while that’s going. Same with the dishwasher.

Now, because someone does our yard, Thursday nights are cleaning nights. I set time aside on those nights while the machines are working, I started getting rid of stuff. I realized the less stuff that was on the floors and counters the easier it was to clean. Even the couches, I can’t stand couches that are to the floor now. I want to be able to get under the couches to dust or mop without moving them out of the way. If you have a full-time job like me it can be just 15 to 30 minutes a night. Pick one space/room and work on that. Make it a speed sweep. I don’t like the idea of focusing on one type of item like clothes, shoes, cups or dishes. I like working on one whole room/area at a time because I believe you can see more progress that way and that gives you more motivation to continue. I see one room looking decluttered and straight then I think how great it will look if the next room were that way too! Now this will take some time to get through your house. It will also take effort on your part and everyone else in the house to keep it this way.

I also started using containers whether it be a plastic basket, tub or laundry basket, whatever you have. Try to have one for each person. Every time you find something that is left out by someone you put it in their container. Then when they are looking for something and say “mom have you seen my whatever” I say have you looked in your basket?” Then they have to empty it once or twice a week depending on how full it is. Hopefully they get tired of looking for stuff they left out and start putting it away. Its kind of forcing a habit. I believe it takes at least 4 to 6 weeks of doing something to form a habit. Well at least if you are trying to force it to be habit for everyone.

If you can work really hard and fast for 2 evenings a week then your other 3 days of the work week will be freed up. Now mine aren’t free to do whatever I want. I still have to run errands and have grocery shopping to do. I try to do those things on the same evening. If I’m really planning that week, I will order groceries on-line for pick up. This not only saves me the time of walking the store but saves me money as well because I stick to my list much better.

If you assign the tasks to a certain day it gets easier as it goes and the more decluttered your house is the easier it is to clean and the less time it takes to do that task. By assigning your tasks a specific day and/or time you have a plan! Having a plan or schedule in any area of your life will ALWAYS gain you time!