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Do you have sparks??

So did you figure out what sparks your JOY?

I’ve watched the show and I do like it. She has lots of great info on there and lots of things I agree with. But… you know there’s a but, somethings I don’t agree with. First the American culture is much different from Japanese culture. In America we have STUFF! Apparently, the more stuff you have the better from what I have seen. Not what I believe but what I see. The Japanese culture has much smaller living spaces than us Americans do. They also spend less time at their homes, they have less rooms in their homes and don’t collect near the “things” that we Americans do. Next, I don’t believe you can organize your house once and be done. Its just not possible. Not that your going to have to do it over and over again but there is maintenance with keeping it organized. Now don’t get me wrong, after you have gone through each space its going to be easier to keep it organized and it will be easier and faster each time you go back to that space to declutter and organize it. The thing is through out your life you have different phases. So the things you have or need now may not be what you need later through out the phases.

When you are young its usually just your bedroom, dorm room and maybe a move up to an apartment. It’s yours, you can do what you want when you want. No one else to clean up after, no one else to organize but you.

When you get married your adding in another person who may or may not pick up after themselves or have the same ideas of “organized” as you do. When you start to have children it’s a whole new level!! You start accumulating all the things you think you need to care for this infant. You have to find space for all those items. Toys, baby bed, dresser, bouncy chair, high chair, play mats, excersaucer, swing, oh and clothes! Clothes galore. Not just some clothes but about 3 different sizes of clothes at a time and then there’s the clothes that they outgrow. You have to store those for the next child. Special sheets, special laundry soap, there’s just a never-ending list that goes with starting a family. This is also a time where a schedule is most important. Not only for you but for your children. Children feel safer, more secure when they have a routine. Babies figure out that each night after their bath you read a book then they go to bed. When they become toddlers, they begin to learn what you expect, before dinner toys are picked up, they eat dinner, then it’s time to start the bedtime routine. When they become school age, they will learn the new routine. They get home from school, have snack, start homework, have some play time before dinner, clean up, eat dinner and start the bedtime routine. When they know what is expected from them it makes everyone’s life much easier. This is the accumulation phase and this is the phase that the clutter can really take over!

Then there’s a phase that may seem like forever and may seem that you just need to live in an RV you can drive since you are the chauffeur to ALL activities. You never seem to have enough time at home between school activities, extracurricular, sports activities it just goes on and on. In this phase you are just trying remember everything you have to do and what kids have to be where. You are in survival mode. You will get through this and you will survive! You may miss a few things but I believe that being organized can help you the most in this phase of life!

Lastly, the phase of life where you feel like you might have some of your life back! This is the phase I'm in and I love it! I have grand-kids and, believe me when I tell you, they are so much better than having your own kids! You get to have all the fun and give them back! This is the time where you may find something new to do with your life! More time for your hobbies, more time for your loved ones! This is where being organized can give you so much more free time to do the things you love and want to do!

This is where you get to leave your legacy, make your mark, when you really realize that it’s the moments and the memories that count the most!